02 April 2006

Tacos, El Paso & the LA Times

Boy, another fool from LA Times rears his ugly head.

Dagoberto Gilb, big-time LA Times "special supplement" writer, goes on and on about Mexican food in America in the LA Times back on March 19th. Sorry, your friendly local Hawaiian god was eating too many tacos to comment up to now.

Now I comment.

Gilb is an idiot.

He talks about how an Americanized version of Mexican food informed an entire generation about what was supposedly standard in Mexico.

Gilb ought to get out more.

He moans about Taco Bell and other similar joints being based on some idealized version of Mexican food formed after WWII.

He really ought to get out more. He ought to get out more in order to realize that San Antonio is not near the Texas border, contrary to what he wrote: "But consider what has happened in the most populated Mexican American cities near the Texas border — El Paso and San Antonio."

San Antonio near the Mexican border. Heh.

Not sure what to think of the invented phrase, "Mexican American cities."

But sure that this is Mainstream Media, once again.

Gilb also doesn't understand that for every Taco Bell in -- at least -- El Paso, there are 100 Mexican restaurants. Six Taco Bells in El Paso. Perhaps if Gilb got off the I-10 on his -- likely -- solitary trip from LA to San Antonio, his culinary awareness might have been awoken. And a drug-addled supplemental journalist might well have thought that San Antonio is near the Mexico border if he spent eight hours passed out in the passenger seat of his car nearly OD'd on crack and marijuana on that long stretch between "The Northern Pass" and San Antonio.

It could happen.

But even if another culinary trip out of the smog-besotted LA Basin -- a natural home for those who crave reality clouded by illusion and fantasies unhindered by al pastor realities -- is too much for the "finalist for a National Book Critics Circle Award," then surely Gilb could wander a few blocks to find a taco van or taqueria nearby. LA is swimming in them, if anyone at the LA Times is brave enough to wander outdoors.

Before assigning Gilb to another worthless article, LA Times editors should check out The Great Taco Hunt. Now there's a writer.


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