17 April 2006

Update III: Generals' Motivational Posters

Now that Numbah Seven has turned up, it's time for a new poster. Hope there's no Gang of Eight, 'cause my Samoan artists are tired of all this General Bullsh**.

Problem is, how to get picture those guys. Pretty good at laying low on Google Images, one Major General Paul D. Eaton an' one Major General John Riggs.

Nevah mind. I got one Paul Eaton pic. Scroll down below to the bottom of the "General Insouciance" link to see a brand new motivational poster. Still need Riggs, though. Gotta sail east, navigate by night, study stars and wave heights and time, then I find it, fo' sure. Somewhere on the Mainland, near Las Vegas, I think, where Riggs is busy gambling on his political future.

On another note: Your friendly local Hawaiian god has not been idle in the information collection and management way. I've created a "spread sheet" (I think dat what people who have electricity and computers call it), made of ti and taro leaves, and kukui nuts, to begin "data-basing" one Gang of Seven's retirement grades, last assignments, dates of promotion, media outbursts, media outlets, quotes, political party if declared, and rumors & propaganda attributed to them. Will post (except for the 'R&P') when I have checked the tides, the moon, my fishponds and the state of my taro fields. So, relax for now. Dat kine could take awhile, since big-time Hawaii rains have damaged taro crops.

But guaranteed delivery before 2008 election.

Later on, gonna tell you all about First Command Financial Planning and its relationship with General Zinni. (If you're a general you gotta have job when you retire. Otherwise, you just stuck writing books with co-authors and/or going on CNN.)


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