11 June 2006

Murtha's Wannabe Charge Up Mt Suribachi

Surprise, surprise. Congressman John Murtha, the reborn anti-war activist, is considering a run at Majority Leader of the House. When they win it, you know. If they do.

But you know, as soon as Murtha opened his decrepit mouth to take pot-shots at his former Marine brothers, among others, you could see his agenda. No one -- not this old fool and not the anti-Rumsfeld Gang of Seven -- operates this way without an agenda.

Murtha must love the power. Probably hasn't had such a taste since he was a colonel in the Marines, before he became a de facto ex-Marine because he suddenly got diahrerra of the mouth over the war on terror.

This guy ought to join the Gang of Seven (possibly eight, although one retired general was not articulate or media-savvy enough to make a media splash), except he was not seen fit by the Marine Corps to become a general.

Seems like, according to MSM, that Murtha's Friday self-nomination didn't go over well with Democrats. Said one, "Members really think Jack Murtha has caused a huge disruption. This is a major distraction from what our focus should be. We should be focusing on taking back the House, not leadership ambitions."

You got that right, you Congressional REMF.

Scrappleface pegs the offensive Congressman's politics.


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