05 June 2006

Spam, Eggs and...


Since I'm dividing time between the Southwest and Hawaii, and because rice cooker (the servant, I mean, not the appliance) is at home in Hawaii, I decided to try this one out. That's right, Spam, eggs and grits, with shredded cheese down in there too.

Note double yolk for double luck.

It wasn't bad, although it wasn't good.

The next one came out better.

This is chile verde: pork loin, jalapenos and garlic cooked forever in a cilantro/tomatillo puree. Had to add in a couple of corn tortillas heated in a pan on the stove.

Well, this is no food blog like Ono Kine Grindz or Big Island Grinds. Read them for the real local deal.

Meanwhile, I just keep working in the kitchen on next big idea: Southwest-Pac Fusion Cuisine! Next time: Spam, Eggs, Rice & Poi Burrito wrapped in ti leaf!


Anonymous RONW said...

dat's the real spirit Tiki, take out the camera and take a simple picture....instead of writing 60 paragraphs to explain the topic du jour. Compliments to the chef.


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