21 June 2006

You All Know What TikiPundit Think About Bev Harbin

Now you gonna know what friendly local Hawaiian god thinks about blog Talk Stink.

Amazingly, unelected pol Bev Harbin, for the time being a Democrat, has attacked a local blog, Talk Stink. Harbin claims Talk Stink is squatting on two domain names, "BevHarbin” and “BeverlyHarbin” dot com.

Don't know nothing about domain squatting. Only know about squatting on my haunches while I watch my people work the taro fields and make sure water levels are correct, check movement of sun across sky, monitor for weeds and so on.

Monitor for weeds? I never told my people to monitor for political weeds. Anyway...

I do wonder, what is wrong with domain "squatting" when Bev Harbin is squatting on a Representative's seat in the Legislature without having earned it the normal way -- through election? You'd think that silly tax cheat and check bouncer would be more contrite.

Attack dog-mode is really inappropriate right now. I wonder if there's a lot about more Harbin than her tax record and her predilection for bouncing checks that could be aired internationally. And I wonder if such information could be found out and blogged.

Here's a picture of Harbin, in case you're standing in long line at the post office and looking at the Wanted Posters. Not that there's any connection.

Laundry about Harbin -- if it exists -- should be aired, now that the silly Rep has gone on the offensive against a private citizen.

The whole situation is outrageous. Harbin, a public figure, claims that Talk Stink has defamed her personally. What was that about the Supreme Court and public figures? No wonder Gov. Lingle asked Harbin to resign last fall. Unlike Lingle, Harbin understands not the Constitution, nor precedence, nor law, nor integrity, nor decency, nor standards.

Indeed, Harbin particularly appears to be too stupid to understand law. Such as: the law that say you have to pay taxes, or else that difficult one that states that passing bad checks is illegal. Things that the publisher of Talk Stink learned in grade school.

So this scofflaw -- this stupid public figure -- is now attacking a private citizen.

That's an actionable offense. If not in court, then in the court of public opinion.

Wonder what Harbin's agenda is? Re-election err, legitimate election? Does Dear Bev actually think she has a chance at anything politically higher than being an unelected Democrat in Hawai'i?

This situation is dumb beyond belief. Your friendly local Hawaiian god thinks it's self-destructive, in the same way that running a business into the ground, and failing to pay taxes, or passing bad checks, will just ruin your credit rating.

Ruin. I wonder if that will be Harbin's epitaph on her tombstone. Will that be her legacy? Does all she touch turn to shit, from auto repair to signed checks to tax bills to bloggers? Will Beretania flood with ka-ka outside her office? Is she the anti-Inouye?

TikiPundit has distractedly and from afar observed the secular activities of four important current Hawaii pols -- my servants Inouye, Akaka, Lingle and -- yes, Case -- and each exude more class, integrity, righteousness, and belief in our blessed islands -- each exudes more of these from their dangling right pinkies than Harbin has in her entire stinky carcass.

Pop quiz: Why does the Legislature stink when Hawai'i has such pure air?

Your friendly local Hawaiian god -- not so friendly now as I ponder the utter arrogance and stupidity of this haole Democrat (as well as the UH mess over GM taro that Doug at Poinography has been all over >>my blessed and beloved taro!<<) -- your not-so-friendly god will shortly be addressing Harbin's faults and failings here, on this blog. Local god will address the public actions of this cancerous boil on the previously-pure butt of my beloved Hawai'i.

Stay tuned.

For now, check out collection of TikiPundit posts on one Bev Harbin.

As for Talk Stink, you stay da course. You in da family, Harbin not. Harbin, I think, is "no breath," and with the added stink of having a political agenda not seen since the annex of the Kingdom of Hawai'i. Well, maybe not dat, but Queen Lili‘uokalani gotta be turning over in her holy grave at the actions of Harbin.

I refer to Queen respectfully. Even Hawaiian god show respect before Queen Lili‘uokalani.

But never show nothing of my people's culture before some half-assed pol like Harbin. That would be like equating Pu`uhonua o Honaunau with Hon\Hawaii.

And dat sacrilege.

Punishable by shark-tooth club to head on sacred heiau.

Talk Stink: as a private US citizen, you are in a prized position: You are a free thinker in a free country and no hack, unelected politician with a criminal background has the power to stop your thoughts, your speech, or your blog. You got the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Supreme Court decisions all on your side, as well as the smart work of EFF in recent times, all backing you up.

No ridiculous outsider -- no misguided, overly-ambitious, craven, undertalented idiot who is so roundly despised that even her lower-than-low political reputation has seeped into her walnut-sized brain -- has ammunition to back her laughable defamation claims up. Harbin herself said in January 2006, "The administration doesn't like me. Our caucus doesn't like me. Republicans don't like me. Democrats don't like me."

Wow, Harbin seems to think that no-one likes her, except, as she claims, small businesses. Maybe there should be a crackdown on Hawai'i small businesses, just to see who else is passing bad checks and dodging tax bills, like she did. Then we might see the last vestige of support for this clown disappear, just as the state saw tax revunue disappear from her business.

This Hawaiian god, who sees his people down $125,000 in taxes that could flow for the common good to Waianae, Mililani, Volcano, or to his ancestral homeland of Molokai, thinks that Harbin could do a lot of good for the community if she left the political stage. Or if she departed it by political, social, or criminal justice processes.

This Hawaiian god says: Mess with Molokai, you mess with the best. Take tax money from the state that could flow to Molokai, you take poi from the mouths of my people, you breathless POS. That's actionable in the political and legal systems.

JUST NOW: Glad to see Talk Stink talking more. Publish hilarious comic here. Hmm, Talk Stink likes Comic Life too.

Third picture on right: Goodness, dat Jack Nicholson?

TikiPundit likes Comic Life. A lot. TikiPundit now respect Talk Stink, and grant two-day holiday from working in my taro fields.

Stay tuned to Talk Stink, like you always should. Got RSS over there. RSS make easy read.

And stay tuned TikiPundit. Guarantee more coming on Harbin.

Finally, stay tuned even if the unelected political pseudo-Democrat gadfly is too chicken to the mention her issues with Talk Stink issues on her laughable, retro 1970s ass-clown blog.


Anonymous The Stink said...

Thanks for the support.

There's more to the Talk Stink story. I'll be posting the second cease and desist letter shortly.

I was using bevharbin.com for satrical purposes briefly, but as I stated on Talk Stink I'm not connected enough nor can I afford to have a lawyer defend my freedom of speech.



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