15 July 2006

Curtain Coffin Call for Democrats

By now you've heard about the obnoxious ad that the Democratic Party just pulled.

What a huge mistake. The party is seriously out of control, and people wondering who is best fit to manage the country's resources in future years need look no further than the likes of this to understand. Understand that, when a political party can't control its content, its message or its vision, it isn't going to win Jack, much less promote its agenda on the national state.

Here's the coffin pic:

What's amazing to your friendly local Hawaiian god is how often Nancy Pelosi is featured in the retracted ad.

I wish her career were just as retracted. This silly person, who rumor has it is regarded as the stupidest person on the Hill, every bit as devoid of intelligence as her deer-in-headlights stare suggests.

Nance, you and yours have done a great job of ensuring that your party will fail in upcoming elections, thank Kos.

Here's a proper sendoff to the Dems' stupid and offensive attempts at promoting a frankly pathetic message. It portrays what's coming down the pipe for their ilk:

09 July 2006

The Foreign Service

Did you know that the San Francisco Chronicle has a "Foreign Service?" As if the Bay Area regional rag is so important and widely-read that it needs this.

Likely, its World Cup stringer was some guy picked up off the street in Gelsenkirchen because s/he was wandering around with a laptop drunkenly looking for a WiFi hotspot.

"Hey, you don't look busy, how'd you like to earn some money writing for the San Francisco Chronicle?"


"Not who, WHERE. The best place to live on the earth! A city full of articulate socc--- err, football fans like yourself. Please, put down the crack pipe and talk to me. I'm a recruiter."

"Uhh. OK."

"Do you know soccer?"

"Yes, I know football."

"OK, then, pal, you're hired!"

Here's a pic of the Chronic's Afghanistan "Foreign Service" correspondant hard at work on a burkha breaking news story about US atrocities.

08 July 2006

Motivational Poster Contest

Going to Mainland on business for a few days. So to occupy yourselves in the interim, why don't you make your own Bev Harbin motivational poster? It could be the kind of poster Harbin would have in her office (the same one she sends death litigation threats from on State Legislature letterhead). Or it could be a poster that some schmuck has in his/her place to remember why they support the unelected pol. If you come up with something fun, send it to tikipundit * at * mac * dot * com, to be posted on this blog with full credit.

Meanwhile, here's one to get your creative juices flowing. (Click on image for full size.)

Know Your Enemy

It's not just "honor killings," ritual rape, genital mutilation, burkhas, and other medieval thinking, it's also the World Cup. The psychotic side of Islam strikes again.

05 July 2006

I'd Like a Latte and a Katsu Chicken Plate, Please

Well, they always seem to be eager to try something new over there. Plate lunch hits Bay area.

04 July 2006

New Link Category Added

I just added a new "Asia" category to the right-hand side. Naturally, the first link to add is the irrepressible, authentic voice of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, Beloved Leader. This is the only place on the Internet to get the true, uncensored, unbridled opinions of one Mr Kim, as well as plenty of photos of real North Korean honeys. I'm not saying you'd defect to meet them, because you live in Hawai'i and there are exponentially more intelligent, cute, well-balanced women here on the islands, but I am saying that Kim is living large over deah. In any case, Beloved Leader's satire is just about second to none, and I know. I've read and written satire for three decades.

02 July 2006

Southwest-Pacific Fusion Cuisine Idea

A little while ago I came up with one big-time idea: Southwest-Pacific Fusion Cuisine. Already been done. Sounds tasty too. And then there's this. The addition of tortillas gives it away -- the SW-PAC fusion is on!

What's a friendly local god to do? Eat up, I guess.

01 July 2006

Miss Demeanor Pt 2

A Word About Shochu

Shochu. A long time ago, when TikiPundit was very a very young friendly local Hawaiian god, he lived in Japan. And he became acquainted with shochu. But this article is about 20 years behind the times in saying the hip and cool have only now come to recognize the hooch. A drink called "chuhai" was all the rage among youngsters in Japan in the 1980s, due to its soothing coolness on hot nights. It was low in alcohol content and high in cooling you off.

Chuhai is ice, water, shochu and a twist of lemon. Mineral water also works in lieu of water for the bubbles.

Where TikiPundit lived, the Nakai Liquor Store was a veritable museum of sake and shochu, each occupying about half the store's walls. Shochu cost about half the price of sake. In the middle of the store was a table and a kerosene heater. At the table would stand local fishermen, drinking shochu at three in the afternoon and eating fish snacks.

Here TikiPundit got his first taste of shochu.

It's good that it's "back," according to media, but in reality it never went away.

Who Knew There Was a Texas Kos?

Wow -- the Daily Kos has had a Texas fifth column.

'Cept, for some reason, they changed their name to Texas Kaos instead of Texas Kos. Why the change?

Gas mask recommended if you visit the site.