15 July 2006

Curtain Coffin Call for Democrats

By now you've heard about the obnoxious ad that the Democratic Party just pulled.

What a huge mistake. The party is seriously out of control, and people wondering who is best fit to manage the country's resources in future years need look no further than the likes of this to understand. Understand that, when a political party can't control its content, its message or its vision, it isn't going to win Jack, much less promote its agenda on the national state.

Here's the coffin pic:

What's amazing to your friendly local Hawaiian god is how often Nancy Pelosi is featured in the retracted ad.

I wish her career were just as retracted. This silly person, who rumor has it is regarded as the stupidest person on the Hill, every bit as devoid of intelligence as her deer-in-headlights stare suggests.

Nance, you and yours have done a great job of ensuring that your party will fail in upcoming elections, thank Kos.

Here's a proper sendoff to the Dems' stupid and offensive attempts at promoting a frankly pathetic message. It portrays what's coming down the pipe for their ilk:


Anonymous zitiboy said...

Well Tiki, I know the real world doth not often intrude on the swine-land of the uber-rich, but I see your point. We need to keep those thousands of dead soldiers and 10's of 1000's of permenantly injured ones out of the public eye.
It only helps the terrorists.
There is of course no indication that the dems who made that ad actually pulled it in response to a few swift-boat style critics on the Ghengis right, but who cares! Like dixie-crat LBJ once said when questioned about falsely accusing his opponent of porking pigs.."Of course it's not true....let him deny it!"


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