09 July 2006

The Foreign Service

Did you know that the San Francisco Chronicle has a "Foreign Service?" As if the Bay Area regional rag is so important and widely-read that it needs this.

Likely, its World Cup stringer was some guy picked up off the street in Gelsenkirchen because s/he was wandering around with a laptop drunkenly looking for a WiFi hotspot.

"Hey, you don't look busy, how'd you like to earn some money writing for the San Francisco Chronicle?"


"Not who, WHERE. The best place to live on the earth! A city full of articulate socc--- err, football fans like yourself. Please, put down the crack pipe and talk to me. I'm a recruiter."

"Uhh. OK."

"Do you know soccer?"

"Yes, I know football."

"OK, then, pal, you're hired!"

Here's a pic of the Chronic's Afghanistan "Foreign Service" correspondant hard at work on a burkha breaking news story about US atrocities.


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