01 July 2006

A Word About Shochu

Shochu. A long time ago, when TikiPundit was very a very young friendly local Hawaiian god, he lived in Japan. And he became acquainted with shochu. But this article is about 20 years behind the times in saying the hip and cool have only now come to recognize the hooch. A drink called "chuhai" was all the rage among youngsters in Japan in the 1980s, due to its soothing coolness on hot nights. It was low in alcohol content and high in cooling you off.

Chuhai is ice, water, shochu and a twist of lemon. Mineral water also works in lieu of water for the bubbles.

Where TikiPundit lived, the Nakai Liquor Store was a veritable museum of sake and shochu, each occupying about half the store's walls. Shochu cost about half the price of sake. In the middle of the store was a table and a kerosene heater. At the table would stand local fishermen, drinking shochu at three in the afternoon and eating fish snacks.

Here TikiPundit got his first taste of shochu.

It's good that it's "back," according to media, but in reality it never went away.


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