31 August 2006

Bev Harbin Surfaces in the Star Bulletin and Poinography

Doug at Poinography picks up on the latest with serial letter writer and unelected pol Bev Harbin. Harbin's at it again with the letter writing, this time making allegations against her Democratic Primary challenger. Using her typically-unhinged writing style, Harbin actually shows up on Poinography in the comment section, accusing him of being "in bliss at sea." Harbin wants Doug to post some PDF file. Doug's response is priceless.

As for me, I'd rather be in bliss at sea than lost at sea, which is the last known location of Harbin's political career.

Bonus Points to the Star Bulletin for another great pic of Harbin. Click the link off Poinography and save to your wallpaper folder.

27 August 2006

Captured: UN Security Council Chat Session from 2003

TikiPundit is the god. I'm surprised more of you don't worship your friendly local Hawai'ian god, given the access I bring you. Friendly god has obtained dated Internet chat session from 2003, that should help you unnerstand current world geopolitics.
Here it is:

UN Security Council Internet Chat Session 6 March 2003

[Germany has joined #UNSC]
[UK has joined #UNSC]
[Chile has joined #UNSC]
[Mexico has joined #UNSC]
Germany: Wazzup???!!?!?!
[Russia has joined #UNSC]
[Guinea has joined #UNSC]
Germany: Wazzup???!!?!?
Russia: Is anyone here?
[France has joined #UNSC]
[China has joined #UNSC]
France: Hello
France: Hello
[USA has joined #UNSC]
China: Nickelback rulez!!!
UK: Shut up China
China: Marilyn Manson rulez!!!
UK: Grrr...
Germany: Hello
[Syria has joined #UNSC]
UK: Let's get the discussion going
France: R their any girlz here?
[Spain has joined #UNSC]
France: Spain R U a girl?
UK: Shut up France
France: F--- U
[Bulgaria has joined #UNSC]
France: F--- U!!!
France: F--- U!!!
France: F--- U!!!
France: F--- U!!!
France: F--- U!!!
Guinea: Can a mod pls boot France?
Spain: Be nice, France.
France: F--- U!!!
[France has been booted from #UNSC by USA]
Syria: Thank you
[France has joined #UNSC]
Bulgaria: France is back.
Syria: Spoke too soon.
France: F--- U!!!
Germany: Is everyone here?
Bulgaria: I don't think so.
[North Korea has joined #UNSC]
North Korea: Kim rulez!
North Korea: Nuke the USA!
North Korea: and the capitalist lackey South Korea puppet government
Angola: Mods, a little help plz
[North Korea has been booted from #UNSC by USA]
China: We recommend dialogue with North Korea
USA: Shut up China or you're next.
China: You can’t boot me – I'm a mod, too!
China: I'll boot you, so watch it.
[Guinea has left #UNSC]
[Cameroon has joined #UNSC]
Cameroon: OMG!
[Cameroon has left #UNSC]
China: I'll complain to your ISP.
China: I'll get your internet access revoked
China: My lawyer will be in touch with you
China: So up yours.
France: F--- U!!!
Angola: Oh dear, come on France and B nice
France: F--- U!!!
France: F--- U!!! F--- U!!! F--- U!!! Chirac rulez! Bush is a moron!
France: Syria R U a grrll?
France: Angola wanna chat in private??
[North Korea has joined #UNSC]
[North Korea has been booted from #UNSC by USA]
China: What the f--- USA!?!?!
Russia: Why don't we talk to North Korea ppl
Spain: I am a 17-year old girl looking to meet some nice guys
France: USA don't harsh our mellow
China: No U aren't, Spain. I bet you're an old ugly guy
France: Spain wanna meet me in private chat?
France: #CESM room on chat.net
France: Spain
Syria: I blame the Jews!
[Syria has been booted from #UNSC by USA]
USA: Let’s talk about Iraq as per the agenda.
China: Iraq rulez!
Germany: Iraq rulez!
France: Me too!
Angola: Iraq sucks!
[Angola has been booted from #UNSC by Russia]
[North Korea has joined #UNSC]
North Korea: Don’t boot me again USA or you'll get a nuclear war
[North Korea has been booted from #UNSC by USA]
[North Korea has been banned from #UNSC by USA]
China: WTF, USA??!?
[China has left #UNSC]
[Russia has left #UNSC]
[Germany has left #UNSC]
[France has left #UNSC]
Spain: is there anyone left
Bulgaria: hello
USA: sure is quiet in here

19 August 2006

Trouble in Austin: The Great Taco Vanhunt

Bandini over at The Great Taco Hunt links to good news about taco vans in Santa Ana. He thinks this is good news for vans in Los Angeles. I think it's bad news for tolerant, liberal Austin, Texas. Which isn't either, really.

13 August 2006

1950s Ads

Ah, nostalgia... back before desegration, Vietnam, and terror attacks on US soil, we had... advertising. Well, some things never change. Here are some ads from the 1950s, tweaked for authenticity and fun. It was really like this, right?? Click on each ad for full-size picture.