31 August 2006

Bev Harbin Surfaces in the Star Bulletin and Poinography

Doug at Poinography picks up on the latest with serial letter writer and unelected pol Bev Harbin. Harbin's at it again with the letter writing, this time making allegations against her Democratic Primary challenger. Using her typically-unhinged writing style, Harbin actually shows up on Poinography in the comment section, accusing him of being "in bliss at sea." Harbin wants Doug to post some PDF file. Doug's response is priceless.

As for me, I'd rather be in bliss at sea than lost at sea, which is the last known location of Harbin's political career.

Bonus Points to the Star Bulletin for another great pic of Harbin. Click the link off Poinography and save to your wallpaper folder.


Blogger Doug said...

She came back for more comment fun!

Blogger TikiPundit said...

Goodness, why won't she crawl back into her hole? Puka. Hale. Hole.

When she loses, do I have to delete my posts about her since she's a private citizen again? :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's already lost!


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