28 October 2006

Gang of Generals Reaches Eight -- TikiPundit Responds

Bottom Line First: GOG7 is now GOG8. More in the wings, guarantee. Generals Retired Odom and Riggs have "stepped up to the plate," "picked up that football and run with it," "run their thoughts up the flagpole to see who would salute," and "thought outside of the box."

Which means that, basically, they're doing all the things they thought about while earing a taxpayer-funded paycheck, but lacked the guts to implement.

We welcome them to GOG.

In case you've forgotten GOG this summer, while you were bodysurfying on the North Shore, TikiPundit reminds...

Back in April of this year, your friendly local Hawaiian god posted official motivational posters for the Gang of Generals who were bleating (while cheerfully collecting retiree paychecks) about going into Iraq, staying in Iraq and getting the hell out of Iraq.

Of course, all their interests were self-motivated. Their cries led to publicity and cash for being "subject matter experts." Even though -- yes -- some of them had subject matter expertise 10-20 years ago.

But you know, the military hasn't changed that much since the days of flintlock rifles and cure-by-amputation.

Ah, yes, the motivational posters.

We know about these motivational posters because friendly God been in military buildings many times over dah years. Every now and then some out-of-touch leader would think posters are a good replacement for leadership and spend unit money to put them up everywhere. The rank-and-file would snicker, and thus everyone's role was fulfilled: the optimistic-but-naive leader pulling out all stops to motivate the underlings, and the cynical underlings viewing, snickering and returing to their jobs: actually running things and making sure the military does what it is supposed to do.

GOGing: To outsiders, their lip might seem like honest opinions expressed by honest taxpayers. Albeit from a kind of general who goes home, kisses the trophy wife, pets the trophy dog, washes the trophy windows of the trophy mock Tudors, shoots the breeze with the retired upper-crust neighbor next door while raking leaves, and so on -- the perfect picture of the American Dream (albeit in neighborhoods you couldn't afford to live in).

And you think, by Gawd, they have a right to say what they think. After all, they served our country for decades.

The real picture is much more ugly.

When you peel back the onionskin layers of GOG, what emerged from this military gangup was a portrait of retirees full of malice, spite, upper-crust rage and blind ambition for political appointments. There are many openings to be had should the Democrats win the November elections and the next Presidential election.

We're talking prestige, bucks and power, baby, and no self-servingrighteous general is going to miss an opportunity when he sees it coming. And baby, if nothing else, generals know how to plan.

For the nation's sake, you'd better hope the Republicans keep a majority in Congress, and the White House remains theirs.

'Cause if they don't, it's show time for a gang of disaffected, self-serving creeps who used to wear the uniform and, from the grave of military retirement, have disgraced it. And they don't even feel bad about it!

The two newest GOG members are highlighted first, below. Click on the images, for maximum goodness.


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