23 October 2006

Last Time Harpin' on Harbin

Dah Guv breathes easier these days -- in one small way.

One loco Bev Harbin got soundly defeated by Karl Rhoads down Chinatown District (28) for the State House. And with dat, so much dat ass-clown.

And with that, no more inappropriately using official letterhead to serve "cease and desist" letters to a blogger.

No more talking about "re-election" by someone who never got elected in the first place.

No more kvetching and moaning and chest-beating about her desires to support her District and small business. Go beat a drum at some white bread post-modern tribal gathering, you political freak.

No more "Representative" in front of name on website www.bevharbin.com and www.repbevharbin.com. Maybe she keep domains up, just like scrapbook of memories in family room bookshelf. Better, maybe Talk Stink gets the "rep" one, since Harbin no longer "rep'ing" nothing more than what passes for her integrity.

No more roaming local blogs like Poinography looking for legitimate platforms from which to screech.

In the end, Harbin was a dumb and useless legislative placeholder, a loser in a District that could use a winner for once to revitalize an always-promising and always interesting part of Hono. Willingly -- even energetically -- playing the role of outsider, she did not understand the value of cooperation and networking in politics. Had she sat at the feet of Dan Inouye for just five minutes, she would have learned something about political success. He could have sweated on her and that would have conveyed more political awareness than she could get in one term. THAT would have benefited 28 much more than her misinformed "small business zealot" agenda, her crude, poorly-timed and self-damaging attacks on Talk Stink (search for "Bev Harbin") and her laughable "outsider on the inside" getup (sans Zorro mask). Her ridiculous blog, which she didn't bother updating since March anyway, speaks volumes about how well she both communicated with her constituents (last thing I recall her talking about was needing $35k for her election campaign) and how poorly she took advantage of Hawaii's IT-smart constituency.

I guess she go back auto store or someplace. I need four new tires for my war-canoe. Will buy from her, but only if I can take picture her put Dem on.


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