11 November 2006

Nancy Pelosi: Fighting for You in Clothes You Couldn't Afford

By now, everyone knows what Californians have known for years. Nancy Pelosi -- poised to be Speaker of the House -- is an honest-to-goodness piece of Okie white trash who lucked out and generally dun good. Dumber than a mute at a mime convention, Pelosi has fallen to the top of the Democrat Party through a series of missteps, ignorance and misguidance, all tempered by base, animalistic survival skills, and a top-notch plastic surgeon.

But regarding fashion, she ain't stuck on stupid, according to one fawning Beltway press flack. Hat Tip: NewsBusters

WaPo fashion hooker Robin Givhan goes all adjective over Pelosi's clothes, while likely unwittingly pointing out to the Middle Class (who are in a stagnant or declining economic state, according to WaPo) that Pelosi prefers Armani. Which they can't afford even if they've heard of the ultra-high priced faux-foo designer. Gushed Givhan, Pelosi's clothing "speaks of a specific approach to authority and clout." Middle Classers will assume that Pelosi speaks to hypocrisy and arrogance as she reaches out to the poor victims of George Bush (and has her security detail smack the stink out of the plebes who get near her slammin' threads).

So without further ado, here is my mashup poster of Nancy Pelosi, Spokesmensch for the poor and the disenchanted, advocate for the Republican-abused masses, raunchy Revolucionista, and fashion slut, wearing her New Deal/Bushitler Wackjob/Speak Truth to Power mask (by Gucci, of course):


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tiki, You are a fantastic designer! Your poster is going to go viral. Mick at sadbastards.wordpress.com

Blogger William Teach said...

LOL. Good one, Tiki!

Anonymous writer chick said...

Oh Tiki, you made my day. I really love how you got that surprised deer in the headlights look in the eyes.


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