27 December 2006

TikiPundit is Retiring

Your friendly local Hawai'ian god come down from platform to inform that he is retiring for the time being. This "time being" could be hundreds of years to humans, but just a small time to local immortal god. Friendly local god is leaving Waikiki to return to home Molokai.

Have decide to reside at Iliiliopae Heiau, which god helped build long, long time ago. Did best stonework here.

Why don't you come see me sometime? Juss be nice and don't move rock. Put lots of "sweat equity" into rock. Don' touch.

OK to bring beer. TikiPundit got nothing against beer, but nobody got drunk, eh?

Be nice on heiau.

Meanwhile, check out follow-on blog by friendly local slave: Four Borders Pundit got tired of working taro fields all da time, escape my place, got bettah job over on Mainland, so he t'ink. Now live in desert, that one crazy boy. My recommend blog, though. Boy might improve someday.

See you on the beach sometime--in person, dat mean--udderwise, wait a li'l bit until TikiPundit blog resurface soon as friendly local god get pissed off enough to show up on O'ahu and tap head all over Hawai'i and straighten things out.


10 December 2006

Help Wanted: Intelligence

Looks like Congressman Silvestre Reyes is in for a world of hurt as House Intelligence Committee Chairman, based on his naive early-days talk. The blogosphere has been foaming at the mouth over Reyes' recent interview with CQ. Countercolumn piles on.

But it's not yet time to go all Foley, Silver. The El Paso Times has your back.

On a more ominous note, TPM Muckraker has a troubling report on Reyes' behavior. It's not that they get in trouble for ideological positions, it's that they just can't keep their fingers out of the pie. El Paso Times, anything to say?

09 December 2006

Inouye Stumbles

Your friendly local Hawai'ian god is not happy with Senator Daniel Inouye. Nestled inside his condolences for five Schofield Barracks GIs killed in Iraq was this Trojan Horse: "It is my hope that a change of course in Iraq will occur in the near future, our soldiers deserve no less."

Friendly god knows all about the modern US political concept of the permanent, 24/7 election campaign, but this wasn't the time for Democrat talking points.